Southern Drywall was established in 2005 with a management team of over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. Southern Drywall is recognized as one of the leading drywall and acoustical companies located in Mississippi with the depth of experienced personnel and financial stability to tackle any project in the Southeast. Through outstanding performance on numerous notable projects in recent years, Southern Drywall has earned its’ reputation for being “your choice for excellence”. When a project demands a quick delivery while meeting the expectations of superior quality, Southern Drywall is the specialty company that Owners, Architects and Contractors want on the construction team.

Southern Drywall expanded its "southern" area footprint in 2014 with the addition of its Columbus, Georgia office. The Columbus location allows the company to serve Georgia and Alabama in addition to Mississippi and Louisiana being served from the company's headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi.

As two of the original Partners and Co-Founders, Mike Barrett and Mark Lewis, own and operate the company today.